2 Calcium phosphate 6X

The salt for bones and teeth

 Salt for:

Decisive role in bone formation (mineralisation). Contributes to the formation of teeth.

Where it works:

A beneficial influence on digestion and assimilation, Calcium Phosphate is the bone cell salt and is also present in the teeth.

It helps the build-up of blood corpuscles and may assist during teething, puberty, convalescence and in later years. It also aids the prevention of muscular cramps and pain during menstruation, especially helpful for younger girls.

It is beneficial for anaemia, bone diseases, constitutional weakness, and ailments that prove obstinate.

How to take*:

Tablets should be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth. If necessary, tablets can be dissolved in a little water.

*Please ask your health care professional regarding dosage and how to take the salts or read the package information leaflet.

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2. Calcium phosphate 6X
Number 2 - Calcium Phosphate 6x - Biochemic Remedy No.2 - the salt for bones and teeth
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