12 Calcium sulphate 6X

The salt for the cleansing processes

Salt for:

Calcium sulphate influences the formation of connective and supportive tissue in the body, it suppresses inflammation in the skin and supports the growth of new cells.

Where it works:

A constituent of connective tissue, mucous membranes and skin. Calcium Sulphate helps clear away accumulations of non-functional decaying matter. This material may otherwise lay dormant or slowly decay and damage surrounding tissue.
Calcium Sulphate is beneficial for slow wound healing, during the last stage of suppuration, for pimples, boils, carbuncles, ulcers, abscesses, etc.

How to take*:

Tablets should be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth. If necessary, tablets can be dissolved in a little water.

*Please ask your health care professional regarding dosage and how to take the salts or read the package information leaflet.

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12. Calcium sulphate 6X
Number 12 - Calcium Sulphate 6x - Biochemic Remedy No.12 - the salt for cleansing processes
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